Thank-you for visiting me!  This site is about all the things that I love, and some of the things I don’t like at all.  Here you’ll be able to find out the latest news about me and my friends and what we’re up to.  You’ll also find that I talk about my dog Lola.  She’s in the picture over there.  I have a section for my music, artwork and videos called My Work, and I just started my first blog.  I’ll post about things like fashion, food and any cool new toys I get (today I got two new Flatsy dolls)... like I said, all things Izzy. 


Welcome to All Things Izzy

A Word From Mom and Dad.

While this is Izzy’s website, she is only four years old.  We do the typing and maybe a grammatical correction here and there, but all thoughts expressed on these pages come directly from the mind of Izzy

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